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All-In-One platform for managing Cloud Servers and Apps

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Built For All

Powerful, flexible AND Easy to use. We don't make assumptions on what tech you usw OR your skill-level. We're going to support MOST tech stacks: PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET Core, Java, Node, Go and more.

Don't Get Stuck with Panels With PHP Only Support!
Cloud Panel

Cloud based control panel, no complicated installation processes. Always use latest version, with growing feature set.


Easily migrate to cloud-native environment with many smaller servers. Scale your apps with multiple servers without management headaches!


Easily view System Health, System Logs, Connections, Services, Connections and more. Get Email notifications when Disk/CPU/Memory usage exceeds the norms.


Configure the servers with what you need. Large catalog of server apps with 1-click installs OR use one of our Templates.

Server Templates

List of templates configured for specific use cases, i.e Wordpress Template. Simply select the template and we'll configure the server with all the required software.

App Management

Powerful App Management features. Create/Manage Unlimited Apps and Databases. Multiple domains, sub-apps, Free SSL and so much more.

Highly Secure

We Do NOT open ports on your servers! Built to work with maximum security in mind, even behind firewalls.

Works Everywhere!

Cloud Servers, On-Premise servers, Behind Firewall, VMs AND your workstation! Say what? o-yeah, we built it for Everyone! All you need is Ubuntu VM with internet!