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Easily Connect Your Servers and Scale


Dashboard gives you quick glance over all of your servers, their status and configuration.

Unlimited Servers

Add as many servers as you have with a couple of clicks.


Link Servers and configuration will automatically be synced, regardless of server OS version.

Install Software With Clicks

Maintain Full Control

Install the software you need with a couple of clicks. We support most popular software packages needed for web apps, i.e. Web Servers, Databases, etc.

Monitoring & Setup

We have apps to make it easier to monitor processes/logs/jobs on the servers as well.

More Apps As Requested

We will continue adding support for more open source and other software packages requested by our user community.

Manage Software With Ease

Custom Built Apps

Intuitive Web Apps built to Manage Web Servers, DNS Servers, Database Servers and more.


Apps are well integrated with each other, allowing you to manage with clicks or selections.

Super Easy To Use

ZoomAdmin has been built to be very intuitive, even with for those with little or no technical knowledge.